7 Simple Tips To Select The Right Teeth Whitening Pen

Just pure white teeth whitening pen

Why Teeth Whitening Pen?

If your teeth are not as white as before, and if you are not willing to go for a cosmetic dental procedure, there is an at-home solution to get the smile of your dreams.

Teeth whitening pens are the latest entry in the world of cosmetic dentistry. They are fast, non-messy and can be easily done by anyone anywhere – whether at home, or office, or even taking a walk in the park. Teeth whitening have never been so simple and convenient.

Selecting the right teeth whitening pen is of utmost importance, because your teeth are very important and one wrong choice of product can directly affect your health.

With all the varied teeth whitening pens available in the market today, it can be quite difficult to find the right one.

Here are The 7 Simple Tips to Help You With:

1. Whitening strength

One of the first steps to consider as you begin your hunt for the best pen is the whitening strength of the same. If they tell you to apply it for weeks on end without any gap in between, it is not very strong.

On the other hand, if they advise you to use it only for a night or a couple of days, it may be stronger. All said, the best way to know is by reading the package and testing it yourself.

2. Check the ingredients

Make sure to read the label thoroughly as that is the best way to gain insight into the product. All whitening pens contain bleaching elements that go to the enamel and start a chemical activity on them to break the staining compounds on the teeth.

Hydrogen peroxide is an active ingredient present in most products. Check if the ingredients mentioned in the label are harmless to the enamels and gums.

Examine also the percentage of each chemical in the product to ensure that there is no damage to your health.

You can check the “must-avoid” ingredients as mentioned in the ADA website to know better about the attributes of the best teeth whitening products so that you can make an informed purchase.

3. Reputed brand

This is one of the important points to keep in mind while picking a product. Opt for something that is known to offer great results. It is best to buy from a trusted brand and one with plenty of reviews that testify to its efficacy.

4. Consult an expert

Turn to your dentist to help you find the right teeth whitening pen. He or she is the best person to examine the present condition of your teeth and recommend a great quality pen for your particular needs especially if you have sensitive teeth. You can also ask your family and friends to recommend a whitening pen they have tried and have benefited from.

5. Reasonable price

Once you decide in favour of teeth whitening pens, you will find many scammers in the market. It is best to zero in the trustworthy sources to buy the product from. This would not only protect you from scams but also ensure quality products. Keep in mind, higher price does not always guarantee a great product.

Therefore, be careful and analyze the product features and price before you buy a whitening pen. Again, cheap may not be the way to go too. Find something that is affordable priced and that which is known to offer excellent whitening.

6. Customer satisfaction

When on the lookout for that perfect pen, it can help to read customer reviews about the best products in the market. You can Google the name of the product you are considering to see what comes up.

Spend some time in searching for what customers are saying online. You will get a lot of information about the efficacy of the product for people with different kinds of teeth issues. If there are a lot of negative remarks about a particular product, it is best to avoid it.

7. Know the side effects

Some teeth whitening pens may cause some side effects such as sensitivity of the teeth, or have an impact on the gums, or enamel. It is best to be aware of the side effects so you know what to expect.

The bottom line is that going for any kind of whitening treatment involves the usage of chemicals and one must do a thorough research to avoid any medical complications.

Teeth whitening have been done since centuries, and are considered essential by one and all. Not all are lucky to have pearly white teeth, and this is where a great teeth whitening pen can help.

What Are The Good Teeth Whitening Pen in the Market Today?

Super Booster Teeth Whitening Pen is a revolutionary teeth whitening product that comprises a potent whitening agent that kills bacteria, freshens breath, and restores crowns, teeth, caps, and veneers to their natural white colour.

The fast acting ingredients present in the product work to get the desired results the pain free way. All you have to do is just apply it on your teeth before bedtime, let it dry for a minute, and get ready to flash your most beautiful smile when you wake up the next day.

What also makes it a winner among several other teeth whitening products is its convenience. You can carry it in your bag and can touch up wherever you want.

The advanced formula does not leave any unpleasant taste or sensitivity on the teeth. There is also no damage to the tooth enamel.

With Super Booster Teeth Whitening Pen, you have a safe and most effective way to whiten your teeth; it is now time to replace your trays and strips with this wonder product for the best results.


While teeth whitening pens do work, people may respond differently to the same product. Therefore, before you start using the product, it is best to check for any cavities, caps, gum disease, crowns, and other detailed examinations by your dentist.

It is crucial that you focus on the health of the teeth and opt for only the best whitening pen that is safe and effective.