Thorough Tooth Cleaning Electric Toothbrush: Oral B Vitality Electric Toothbrush Review

Oral b vitality electric toothbrush

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The Oral-B Vitality Deep Sweep Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush is a dental hygiene fanatic’s dream. The toothbrush contains an innovative cleansing system that reaches places that a regular toothbrush can never reach. The electric toothbrush is capable of eliminating much more plaque than manual tooth brushing can eliminate.

The special features that the unit contains help to fight dental problems such as staining, bad breath, gum bleeding, decay and more. The rechargeable aspect of the device adds more life and strength to its powerful mechanisms. Dentists all around the world use and recommend the product for their patients.

What Are The Major Features?

One of the best features of the electric toothbrush is the two-minute timer that it has. Dentists recommend that people brush their teeth for at least two minutes so that the fluoride and important toothpaste chemicals have the opportunity to penetrate the enamel and eat away at harmful plaque and bacteria. Users can set the timer so that they know they are getting the maximum amount of tooth brushing time for precise and effective tooth cleaning.

The product uses a special Deep Sweep technology that the manufacturer engineered to mimic professional dental tools. Users will experience the power and accuracy of a professional cleaning without having to sit in a chair at the dentist’s office. The head of the device resembles a regular toothbrush, but the power and precision go far beyond any level that has come from a manual toothbrush.

Additionally, the toothbrush heads are designed to last at least three months as opposed to the eight-week life on a regular toothbrush. Users can save money because they will not have to change their devices as often as they would have to change a manual unit.

The Benefits of Owning this Electric Toothbrush

The benefits of owning this power deep sweeping rechargeable toothbrush are countless. The main benefit that a user will receive from this device is 2D cleaning action. The unit uses a powerful back and forth sweeping motion that deeply penetrates the surface of the teeth better than a manual toothbrush does.

The electrical components provide it with a consistently strong sweeping motion unlike a human’s hands that may become tired after 30 seconds of brushing. The 2D brushing system is a perfect defense against gritty and persistent mouth bacteria and plaque.

Many people who use the device attest that they have had a smooth and refreshing feeling after they were finished brushing with the Vitality Deep Sweep unit.

The Vitality deep sweeping unit is unique because it can extend to the parts of the mouth that many manual brushers miss. The unit is successful in reaching rear teeth and the backside of upper and lower teeth. Additionally, the toothbrush is affordable, which is a huge plus for frugal consumers. Users do not have to empty their wallets to enjoy the amazing cleaning that this unit brings.

Furthermore, the unit offers a 60-day test drive. A consumer who is not happy with the product after 60 days can receive a full refund of his or her investment. The manufacturer is so proud of its product that it guarantees that each user will be satisfied beyond happiness.

Any Downside On This Product?

As with any other product, the Oral-B device has some features that a consumer may find less appealing than other features. The battery loses some of its luster after about six months of usage. The consumer can easily run it down, which can cause somewhat of an annoyance. The positive side is that the consumers can replace the battery and keep the charger. The replacement batteries are inexpensive, so users can have their units running speedily again in no time.

Another con of owning the Oral B Rechargeable Electric unit is that it does not come with a travel case. A travel case would have been a perfect addition for vacations and last-minute business trips. However, the consumer can find an easy solution for the lack of a special case.

The toothbrush fits perfectly in any bag or case that is made for traveling. A user can place it in a small vinyl makeup bag or a pencil box and bring it along for the ride. Dental hygiene is extremely important during business trips. Therefore, no one will want to travel without the best tooth-cleaning device on the market.

The other con of owing the toothbrush is that is only comes with 110-130 Volts. The user will need a converter to change it to 220-240 Volts. The positive side is that the person can obtain an adaptor for an inexpensive price. All cons are easily resolved with a few adjustments.

What Does Other Users Say About This Product?

The majority of consumers loves this new product, and they have rated it highly. The electric toothbrush has received an average of 4.6 out of five stars from customers. The customers who rated it with five stars went on about its cleaning capacity, its long life, and the sparkly-clean feeling they received after brushing their teeth with it. One person managed to keep a unit for four years. Some consumers praised the device for its build quality. They stated that they were impressed with its durability.

The consumers who rated the device with four stars or less mostly discussed the battery life and the length of time it took for the unit to charge. Other consumers mentioned the lack of an auto shut-off feature and a charging indicator.


The unit received no reviews that were less than three stars. Therefore, it appears to be a winner in all areas. The Oral-B electric toothbrush is a unit that goes beyond its expectations and continues to amaze people with its high quality teeth cleaning capabilities. Consumers can purchase this product will full confidence and faith in it. They have nothing to lose because of the special guarantee. However, they have a lifetime of pure dental health to gain from its features.