5 Things To Remember When Choosing Your Electric Toothbrush

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Technology has advanced so much that it is even having an impact on the way that people clean their teeth. Rather than using manual toothbrushes to massage the gums and scour away plaque and debris that is trapped on and in between the tooth surfaces, many individuals have opted to buy electric units instead.

These are far more effective at eliminating the germs, bacteria and tartar that are responsible for tooth decay. They are also great for creating a brighter, whiter smile.

Before choosing one of these products, you may want to take some time to read through several electric toothbrush reviews. These will help you to identify the top performing products.

It is important to note, however, that there are several important things to bear in mind when viewing the feedback that other consumers have left.

#1: Always Go for Narrow Head and An Angled Stem Brush

One of the most important things to note about these products is the fact that they tend to be a bit bulkier than many manual toothbrushes. As a result, it may be harder to reach the very back teeth when cleaning the mouth.

People should look for options that will allow them to access the last row of top and bottom molars, without suffering any discomfort. A good brush will have a narrow head and an angled stem, so that addressing the rearmost teeth is no major challenge.

#2: Look for Efficient Design

There are other important practical considerations to make as well. For instance, some units will not last as long as others, given the way that their batteries are designed. With these options, once the initial power supply is drained, people will not have a way to replace them.

This means that they will have to discard their brushes and replace them. In most cases, however, this will usually occur around the same time that the brush will need to be replaced for sanitary purposes.

For instance, most brushes should not be kept for more than three months. This will limit the amount of bacteria that people are introducing into their mouths when using these products.

People do best to look for efficient designs that are structured for cleaning the back of the mouth along with the front and that have batteries that are easy to replace.

#3: Bristles Material

It is important to note, however, that there are many other factors that must be considered. For instance, the type and nature of the bristles that are being used will have a significant impact on the health of the teeth. Many individuals assume that abrasive products are far superior to those that are more gentle in nature. In reality, however, this is simply not the case.

The gums need a smooth and clean surface to adhere to. When they do not have this, they often begin to pull back, thereby exposes the soft, vulnerable dentin that lies just underneath.

This increases the likelihood of tooth decay and other issues. It is additionally important to note that the gums will begin to recede when excessively hard brushing strategies are used.

Even if you are using properly cleansing techniques and scrubbing the teeth in a slow, circular motion while making sure to massage the gum line, gum receding can still occur. In fact, this is often the case when people use toothbrushes that have hard, nylon bristles.

The very best bristles are actually soft. This is just as true for electric toothbrushes as it is for manual designs. These soft bristles will not irritate the gums. They can actually improve the health of these soft tissues.

This is because people are more likely to use their electric toothbrushes to massage the gums when the bristles feel good. Massaging the gums helps to increase circulation to these areas, which helps to route out toxins and deliver important nutrients.

Gum massage also helps to draw up food particles that may have become trapped in deep pockets or that are buried just below the gum line. If your brush has hard bristles that make your gums sore or cause them to bleed, this is an area of self care that is not likely to occur.

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#4: The Shape of the Bristles

Another important thing to consider is the way in which the bristles are shaped. Each bristle should have a pointed tip, rather than a rough, sharp one. This is not a feature that many people are careful to look for but it can have a major impact on gum health. Soft bristles with rounded tips are also good for the tooth enamel.

Too much scrubbing on the tooth surface can begin to erode this protective structure away. While the teeth are surprisingly good at repairing themselves and the tooth enamel can be built back up, it is far better to use a cleaning strategy that will prevent these damages in the first place.

Prevention truly is the key to maintaining good oral health and it is far better than simply trying to repair damages after these have been incurred.

#5: Brushing Motions

There are two types of brushing motions that are available as well. For instance, some electric toothbrushes look just like manual options. Instead of having bristles or sets of bristles that move in a circulation, these brushes simply vibrate. They have to be used by the individual in a manual fashion, however, some argue that their vibrations make them a bit superior to standard brushes.

The second option is a brush that has two separate, circular bundles of bristles that rotate while vibrating. These are ideal for all aspects of tooth cleaning given that they scour the surfaces of the teeth, clean in between them and massage the gums effectively.

There is very little that the user must do apart from placing these on the teeth and slowly dragging them throughout the mouth and across the inner portions of the teeth.

They also have an amazing whitening effect on the teeth, making them ideal for those who are implementing their own at-home whitening routines.


Consumers have a broad range of considerations to make when choosing these products. These are all things that must be kept in mind when reading reviews of electric toothbrushes.

A well-designed product can significantly enhance the appearance of the smile and bolster and improve the user’s oral health overall.

A cheaply made and poorly designed product, however, will often cause more harm than good.