Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening Gel

Opalescence teeth whitening system gel

Does Teeth Whitening Gel Works?

One of the most common desires in the world is to have a bright, white smile. Millions of people strive every day rely on teeth whitening gel to help them achieve that goal, but not all of them understand why some products work and some do not.

Understanding what is in the products can help consumers to choose the best ones for their needs.

What Are The Most Common Whitening Substances (Whitening Agent)?

-Carbamide Peroxide

One of the crucial and most common ingredients in gel for teeth whitening is Carbamide Peroxide. This substance turns into hydrogen peroxide when it reacts with water, and it acts as a bleaching agent. The oxidizing compound in the peroxide penetrates tooth enamel and breaks down stains.

Carbamide Peroxide is about one third as strong as hydrogen peroxide. When consumers want to estimate the hydrogen peroxide strength in a product that has Carbamide peroxide listed, simple math can provide the result.

A solution that contains a concentration of 30% Carbamide Peroxide, for instance, has the potency of approximately 10% hydrogen peroxide.

It is helpful to locate a product that comes in a variety of concentrations that suit your needs.

-Sodium Hydroxide

One common additional ingredient is Sodium Hydroxide, which is known as a substance called a Caustic Soda. Upon researching Sodium Hydroxide, some individuals will find that certain variations of this substance are used in some household cleaners.

Because it also comes in food grade types, however, consumers need not worry about this substance being included in teeth whitening gel.

The version used in solutions for whitening teeth are safe, and they are similar to the kind used for making foods such as pretzels and bagels.


An ingredient called Carbopol is also frequently seen on labels for whitening gels. This substance is used as a thickener, and is not something about which consumers should be concerned.


Another common ingredient is glycerin. This substance helps to hasten the whitening process, and so it is not unusual to see it in products used in a dental office and in solutions offered over the counter.

Glycerin can also be a cause of sensitivity to the gels used for whitening, making it a good idea to use whitening products that also include ingredients that aid in reducing sensitivity.

Substances That Help Reduce Sensitivity During Teeth Whitening Process

Products that contain substances that aid in sensitivity can make the process of whitening teeth much more comfortable. One such substance is Potassium Nitrate and Fluoride.

It has been demonstrated that the inclusion of Potassium Nitrate and Fluoride in a whitening solution that also uses Carbamide Peroxide can reduce sensitivity.

This ingredient will not prevent all causes of sensitivity in the process. Mouth trays that do not fit properly can cause sensitivity, as can use strong concentrations for longer times than is recommended.

Choosing a product with Potassium Nitrate and fluoride is important, but proper application is necessary for seeing the benefits.

How Do I Reduce My Treatment Times with Whitening Gel?

Attention to recommended treatment times with whitening products is important. Solutions that are higher in concentrations of the whitening agents will have shorter treatment times recommended.

However, lengthier exposure to concentrations meant for brief contact can cause pain and a burning sensation of the gums. Burning of the gums can also occur if too much of the product is applied.

Example of A Good Teeth Whitening Gel Product

Opalescence PF products are among those that contains Carbamide Peroxide as a whitening agent. The Opalescence products are provided in syringes, from which the gel is inserted into trays when it is time for use.

A little of the product goes a long way when applied properly, and that makes them an economical choice. The solutions are available in a variety of concentrations, and they are highly effective in removing stains, particularly when the directions are followed.

The Opalescence gels also contain potassium nitrate and fluoride, which means they work well to reduce sensitivity. To make it an enjoyable experience, they come in regular, melon, and a pleasant mint flavor.